So this should be fun, I hope…

…easy to navigate, useful.  (Try that drop-down menu on the upper left.)  It’s sort of like a little village in its way, with the Jesus music down at one end, ocean poems and stories down at the other, and the writing archives on the bottom level by the skating rink.  There will be a few freebies from time to time at the local shops, opportunities to sample things, try them on if you like, maybe buy a few to take home.  There are opportunities to comment also, and I love to hear from you; see this page below.

This site should also help us all to keep track of scheduled music events, performances, and workshops, like the Sierra Cascade Yearly Meeting annual sessions coming up May 18 – 20.  I”ll be doing a lot of music leadership at that event.  

The main page picture, by the way, is anonymous and public domain.  I have admired it for years.  Google “Flammarion” to download your own printable version from Wikipedia.

Comments welcome! Leave your name and email if you'd like.